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The Great Book of Records is an enormous book that records everything that happens the moment it happens.

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Glinda with her Great Book.


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Glinda the Good and her Book of Records.

The Book of Records is in the possession of Glinda who knows of everything that happens in the Land of Oz and all the world. The smallest things and the biggest things are all recorded in this book: from a child stomping its foot in anger to a city burning down. Glinda reads the Record Book every day, and although her duties are confined to assisting those who inhabit the Land of Oz, she is always interested in what takes place in the unprotected outside world as well.


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Glinda, looking in her Great Book in the Marvel comic Oz series.

Glinda used the knowledge from the book to foil an attempt at invasion by the Nome King, who tried to tunnel under the Deadly Desert separating Oz from the outside world. (The Emerald City of Oz)

Later, it was stolen along with Princess Ozma herself and several other magical items. Without the Great Book of Records the characters were unable to know what had happened. At the end it was recovered from the felonious Ugu the Shoemaker, along with Ozma. (The Lost Princess of Oz)

Using the Record, they were able to discover the disagreement between the Skeezers and the Flatheads. (Glinda of Oz)

Book Appearances[]


The Great Book is centrally featured in Scott Dickerson's novel The Magic Book of Oz. In this story, one minor edit in the entry of the book where the Wizard comes to Oz causes a whole new reality in which he never came to Oz.

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