Googly-Goo is a rich, old courtier who lives in Jinxland in the Land of Oz.


He is a skinny, old man dressed in rich velvets with many furbelows and laces. He wears golden chains, finely wrought rings, and jeweled ornaments.

He walks with mincing steps and thinks himself far superior to any of King Krewl's other courtiers. His voice is shrill and cracked and he has no teeth except for a couple of fangs.


Googly-Goo desired to marry Princess Gloria, although he was old enough to be her father. To that end, the old man brought many rich gifts to bribe her uncle, King Krewl. Gloria, however, was in love with a gardener's boy named Pon, and refused Googly-Goo thirty-nine times.

King Krewl hired Blinkie the witch (with Googly-Goo's money) to freeze Gloria's heart so that she would not love Pon. However, after that she did not love anyone, and Googly-Goo's money was wasted. Eventually Krewl was deposed and Gloria was disenchanted. She became queen and took Pon as her consort, and Googly-Goo was not heard from again. (The Scarecrow of Oz)

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