Princess Gloria is the daughter of King Kynd, a former king of Jinxland.


Gloria is young and beautiful, and has a warm heart and nice manners. Her hair is soft and curly. Visiting Jinxland, Trot came to consider Gloria "one of the sweetest and loveliest young ladies she had ever seen."

She lives in the palace, and is fond of flowers, enjoying long walks in the gardens with her attendants.


Gloria was a baby when her father, King Kynd, fell into the great gulf that separates Jinxland from the Land of Oz. His prime minister, Phearse, became king, but he was soon usurped by Gloria's uncle, who became King Krewl.

Princess Gloria fell in love with Pon the gardener's boy (himself the son of ex-king Phearse), but King Krewl opposed the match and wanted her to marry a rich courtier named Googly-Goo, who is old enough to be her father. The old man continues to bribe King Krewl who has commanded his niece to marry him. But Gloria refused Googly-Goo thirty-nine times, promising that she would only marry Pon.

Krewl had Gloria's heart frozen by a local coven of witches, led by Blinkie. Only help from Oz and the intervention of the Scarecrow ended the spell and unfroze the princess's heart. She was then restored to her rightful place on the throne of Jinxland, and was free to marry Pon as she wished. (The Scarecrow of Oz).


Vivian Reed played Gloria in the 1914 movie His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz.