Title Black Queen
Witch of the Black Forest
Gender Female
Species Human
Residence Black Forest, Winkie Country
Affiliation None
First Appearance The Wishing Horse of Oz

Gloma is the witch-queen of the Black Forest in the southern Winkie Country — one of the good witches of Oz.


In appearance Gloma is more queenly than witchy; she has a sweet and serious face, and fine hair as glossy as a raven's wing. She dresses in robes of black chiffon. Her only ornaments are a sparkling crown of jet, and jet earrings. She is guarded on her throne by a pair of black leopards. Like everything else in her colorless realm, her skin and eyes are black. (Her magic, curiously enough, produces the only other colors to be seen in her domain.)

She is a good and beautiful witch, capable of facing death bravely. Yet she lives in deep isolation in her Black Forest, and is largely ignorant of matters in the rest of Oz. (The Wishing Horse of Oz)


In the era when the Wicked Witches of the East and West were ascendant, Gloma maintained her independence. Ironically, it was when Gloma heard of the destruction of the two witches by Dorothy Gale that she assumed she was in similar danger, and led her most loyal followers in a retreat into her black domain, where they maintained the happy and free life of foresters. (The Wishing Horse of Oz)


Ruth Berman wrote a poem about Gloma, which was printed in the 1979 issue of Oziana.

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