Glinda's home can be found past in the southern Quadling Country beyond the enchanted forest filled with Fighting Trees, China Country, and the hill of the unfriendly Hammer-Heads. In some books, Baum places her home north of Emerald City.

It "stands on the edge of the desert"[1] on a Quadling hill that is surrounded by attractive landscape of meadows, misty waterfalls and rivers. The landscape is sometime described as being red, which represents the Quadling Country on Oz's official map.

The Scarecrow notes that "there is no need to guard Glinda's palace... Glinda's magic would be powerful enough to protect her." [2]

The castle includes:

  • a throne room, with her throne described as being made with either rubies and gold.
  • "...a great chamber of her castle, known as the Magic Room", which is used to perform magical rituals. [3]
  • a library. [4]
  • Glinda's laboratory at her palace contains "all her rare chemical compounds and her instruments of sorcery." She creates a match that can douse large fires. [5]
  • her "Azure Reception Room". [4]
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Glinda's Head Attendant.

Glinda is said to travel throughout Oz riding a fancy chariot driven by swans or storks.

Glinda also seemingly employs two all-female groups that can categorized.

  • The first is a group of attendants, described as 50 girls "who had been selected from all parts of the Land of Oz on account of their wit and beauty and sweet dispositions. It was a great honor to be made one of Glinda's handmaidens." [6]
  • Second, her army is described as "brilliant" and is under the command of a captain who is also Glinda's private body guard. [1] They are all well trained and disciplined force, with neat and colorful uniforms. They bear silver-tipped spears and swords, along with shields "edged with peacock feathers". [7]

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