Glegg's Box of Mixed Magic is a powerfully concentrated supply of magic potions and devices, created by the wicked sorcerer J. Glegg.


In form it is a small, rectangular casket made of gold; its self-descriptive name is displayed on its jewel-studded lid, the gems spelling out the words. Inside (if one can open it) are the compartmentalized contents. An upper tray holds four golden flasks, which are labelled:

  • Flying Fluid
  • Vanishing Cream
  • Glegg's Instantaneous Expanding Extract
  • Spike's Hair Strengthener.

(Spike is otherwise unidentified.)

Below the top tray can be found a miniature tea set, with a tiny copper kettle, a lamp, and a package marked "Triple Trick Tea." At the bottom of the container, below the tea set, are two boxes. One of them reads,

  • Glegg's Question Box. Shake three times after each question.

The second box is labelled,

  • Re-animating Rays, guaranteed to re-awaken any person who has lost the power of life through sorcery, witchcraft, or enchantment.

In actual use, Glegg's preparations and mechanisms prove as potent as they sound. (Kabumpo in Oz)


Glegg buried his Mixed Magic under the Emerald City in response to an instruction from his own Question Box. There it was discovered and used (though clumsily) by Ruggedo. Once both Ruggedo and Glegg were defeated, Princes Ozma stored the Box of Mixed Magic in her safe, where it could do no harm.


The Re-animating Rays have an effect comparable to Baum's Powder of Life and Great Elixir. It may be an expression of the changing times that Baum imagined a life-giving powder or liquid, while Thompson thought in terms of rays.

The Question Box anticipates the Suggestion Box in the McGraws' The Forbidden Fountain of Oz.

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