Gargoyles are creatures who live in the Land of Naught.


The gargoyles are made entirely of wood and are all less than three feet in height. Their bodies are round, with short thick legs and long stout arms. Their faces are varied in design, but equally ugly. They have no hair, but the tops of their heads are carved into fantastic shapes. Their short wooden wings are fastened to their bodies with wooden hinges, and on them they fly swiftly and noiselessly.



The gargoyles always remain completely silent. They communicate by means of quick signals made with their fingers or lips. Sudden loud noises startle them.

Although there is no night in the Land of Naught, the gargoyles enjoy a daily rest time. They take off their wings during this time and set them in a corner until they wake up.


Overman-Anu, the Champion of the Valley of Voe, fought the Gargoyles for nine days before escaping. Afterward, he could not be induced to describe the creatures, though he apparently mentioned that they dread noise.

The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale, Zeb Hugson, and their animal friends visited the Land of Naught and were captured by the gargoyles. They stole some wooden wings and, while making their escape, set fire to the Land of Naught. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)

In the non-canonical Oz book The Braided Man of Oz, there is at least one tamed gargoyle, named Gorry, who survived the fire that destroyed his home.

In The Disenchanted Princess of Oz, it is revealed that most of the gargoyles were destroyed in the fire, and those who had escaped were killed in Voe.