The Frogman.

Title The Frogman
Residence Winkie Country
Affiliation Yips
First Appearance The Lost Princess of Oz

The Frogman is a man-sized frog who acts as a major authority and political figure for the Yips in their country and is considered their wisest resident, despite not actually being that smart, only knowing about dandy fashion and how to act smart.


He shares some similarities with Professor Wogglebug, both having been animals who gained sapience and intelligence, however unlike the Professor, Frogman is less interested in knowledge and more interested in the latest dandy fashion and acting like a superior gentleman.


Frogman was an ordinary animal in Oz until he was abducted by a bird and dropped into a pond in the Yip Country which possessed the unique and magical Skosh plant which made him grow to human size and gain sapient intelligence. The Yips then revered the mysterious Frogman as an individual of great wisdom and made him an adviser and authority figure in their country. (The Lost Princess of Oz)

Frogman was among the guests attending Ozma's birthday party in the Emerald City. (The Magic of Oz)

Many years later, he and Cayke attended a party at Story Blossom Garden upon Ozana's arrival in Oz. (The Magical Mimics in Oz)

In Other Media

Return to Oz

The Frogman as seen in Return to Oz.

The Frogman appears in the background of the coronation. (Return to Oz).

Emerald City Confidential

Petra, interviewing the Frogman, in his villa.

The Frogman has become the unofficial owner of Winkie Country, through threats and bribes. Governor Chopper is powerless to stop him, instead overindulging in Oil. The Frogman is also employing Nimmie Amee, with whom he also has an implied romantic relationship, further adding to Chopper's depression. The Frogman is a shrewd businessman, and illegally deals in magic. He hopes to expand his business to the Emerald City.

When Petra interrogates him, she turns Amee against him, distracting him; she then finds evidence that will help Governor Chopper bring him down. Later, when Petra revives the Wicked Witch of the West, the Frogman arrives and begins a magical duel with her, for ownership of Winkie Country, which the Witch cares nothing about. The Frogman is killed during that battle. (Emerald City Confidential)

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz


He appears in Where-Helmina's My Broom?! and is confronted by Wilhelmina Witch.

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