Fred C. Woodward was a stage and film actor of the early twentieth century who filled multiple roles in the dramatic adaptations of L. Frank Baum.

Woodward was a hit in the 1913 stage production of The Tik-Tok Man of Oz, in which he played Hank the Mule. He went on to appear in most of the films produced by the Oz Film Manufacturing Company during its brief life, including:

While Woodward played some human roles (as in Last Egyptian), he excelled in comic animal parts; he played the Woozy and the Cowardly Lion as well as Hank. He reprised his mule role several times in later productions; he played Hank again as late as 1946, in an episode of an early television program called For the Children.

For another animal actor in Oz films, see: Pat Walshe.

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