The First and Foremost Phanfasm, by John R. Neill

The First and Foremost is the leader of the Phanfasms of Phantastico.


He appears as a hairy man with the head of a bear. He is a powerful Erb with the ability to read thoughts and to create astonishing transformations.


He agreed to help the Nomes invade the Land of Oz merely for the joy of making happy people unhappy, and destroying innocent people. He planned to later conquer the Nomes and afterward ravage the whole world.

As they entered the Land of Oz, the invaders drank the Water of Oblivion and forgot all they knew. The First and Foremost and his people were transported back to Phantastico by the Magic Belt. (The Emerald City of Oz)


The First and Foremost and other Phanfasms re-appear in Scott Dickerson's Ruggedo in Oz.

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