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"The Scarecrow, who was in the lead, walked forward to the tall tree where there was an opening to pass into, but just as he came under the first branches they bent down and twined around him, and the next minute he was seized by the long braches and raised from the ground and flung headlong among his fellow travelers. This did not hurt the Scarecrow, but it surprised him, and he looked rather dizzy when Dorothy quickly picked him back up and padded his straw to even out the lumps under his clothing that was caused by the fall. "
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)

Fighting Tree of Oz

The Fighting Trees are fictional trees that appear in L. Frank Baum's first Oz book titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900. These specific trees can only be found in the magical Land of Oz and are located on the border of Oz's southern quadrant known as the Quadling Country. They are ancient, being thousands of years old they are deeply rooted by the hundreds, all in a long line that stretches out for several miles. Their job is to keep intruders out of the enchanted forest that dwells behind them, which they guard and protect. They are said to have thick flexible branches that substitute for arms and fingers and their bark resembles faces that allow them to see and hear everything surrounding them.

The Tin Woodman fights back,

The forest behind the trees is filled with many forest animals and strange inhabitants. Even a pretty little enclave known as the dainty China Country can be found. There also is the rocky hill of the unpleasant creatures called Hammer-Heads and the little village of the Cuttenclips. One must also pass through the trees and bizzare places to reach the ruby-red palace of Glinda. It is arguably possible that because she is rumored to be hundreds of years old and planted the trees there to keep her palace safely hidden.

A fighting tree tries to catch Toto.

When Dorothy and her companions tried to enter the forest, the trees picked the Scarecrow up and threw him back two times. They were easily overcome by the Tin Woodman and his axe. (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)

Fighting Trees 1939

Fighting Trees 1939.

In the classic MGM film adaptation, The Wizard of Oz, the trees are portrayed to be apple trees who hate people picking off the attractive and ripe apples that grow and dangle on their branches. Unlike the book; the Scarecrow and Dorothy manage to escape easily. Scarecrow also managed to trick them into pelting him with apples in order to get food. Dorthy finds Tinman directly after picking up the apples. Tinman doesn't interact with the trees at all, unlike the book. They have funny husky voices and always argue.

Fighting Apple Tree 1939