Evangeline 1

Evangeline tries to chase Nomes out of Jenny Jump's chimney.

Species Dragon
Residence Emerald City
Affiliation Ozma
First Appearance The Wonder City of Oz

Evangeline, or Evan and Geline, was a purple or pink dragonette with two heads. She was an inhabitant of the Emerald City where she helped the people in whatever way she could. She was also fond of playing games with Sir Hokus of Pokes, who loved to chase her.

In her first appearance, she was described as purple, but in later books was pink.


One day, while being chased by Sir Hokus, the two of them stopped to help chase two Nomes, Umph and Grumph, out of Jenny Jump's style shop. (The Wonder City of Oz)

She was present at the celebration at Glinda's palace when the Scalawagons were unveiled and given to the Oz people. (The Scalawagons of Oz)

Evangeline at one point had developed a cough, and Oz Cream was the only thing that could help. She frequented an Oz Cream shop, and there was danger there might not be enough Oz Cream for her and everyone else, until Number Nine brought two more cans of infinitely refilling Oz Cream, courtesy of the Wizard of Oz.

Evangeline later assisted Sir Hokus in painting a historical scene on the walls of the Emerald City, when Ozma had commissioned such paintings from everyone. (Lucky Bucky in Oz)


Evangeline 4

Evangeline, sleeping.

In her first appearance, she is only identified as a Dragonette, but by John R. Neill's second book, she had been given a name and expanded upon. In fact, in the first book, it seems Neill intended there to be multiple dragonettes in the Emerald City, though he never explicitely states this. But one of the illustrations has two two-headed dragonettes in different places. Nonetheless, Evangeline seems to be the one described in Wonder City, as she has the same personality and friendship with Sir Hokus.

Whether Evangeline should be considered one or two people is also debatable. She is generally thought of as one person, but occasionally one of her heads is addressed independently of the other, as Evan or Geline.

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