Ereol is a Fairy from the Forest of Burzee.


She is marvelously fair, with fluffy golden hair and clear blue eyes. On occasion she has disguised herself as a tall, handsome youth.


Ereol was once the Fairy Guardian of the King of Noland. He passed away on the night Queen Lulea and her band wove the Magic Cloak, so Ereol, having some free time, was chosen to give the Cloak to the first unhappy person she met.

In Noland she encountered a girl named Margaret who was inconsolably sad, due to the recent death of her father and to the stern treatment of her brother Bud by her Aunt Rivette. Ereol disguised herself as a youth, and gave the Magic Cloak to Meg. When Aunt Rivette objected, Ereol warned her that the Cloak was a gift of the Fairies. The aunt was skeptical and tried to attack the youth with her cane, but Ereol vanished, convincing Rivette of the truth.

Later, Queen Lulea assigned Ereol as guardian of another newborn baby. (Queen Zixi of Ix)