Emerald City is an alternate Oz book that was released on June 10th, 2021 through Iron Faerie Publishing. It uniquely has 13 different authors who wrote their own chapters,

The authors are Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Ali House, Jodi Jenson, Caitlin Mazur, Megan Willette, Mason H. Hilden, Michelle Brett Rhiannon Bird, Luis Manuel Torres, Jennifer Hatfield, Jennifer Ellis-Holloway, Evan Baughfman, and Beth W. Patterson.

The plot is very similar to the Dorothy Must Die book series where people are sent to kill her after she dethrones Ozma.


You all know the original story of Dorothy Gale... the young girl who is swept up in a tornado and transported to Oz, killing the Wicked Witch of the East with her house on the way down and running off with the ruby slippers towards the Emerald City with her little dog Toto by her side in the hopes of getting back home to her farmhouse in Kansas. Well what if it didn’t go down quite like you remember?

What if Dorothy Gale never left Oz and never went home to Kansas? What if the Wizard left Oz without her and in a fit of rage, she killed Glinda which turned the remaining witches against her? Only for Dorothy to entrap the surviving witches beneath the Emerald City and ban the use of magic... forever.


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A secret group called the Order of Arcana recruits various people in a plot to overthrow Queen Dorothy. They first select Jean-Paul Byrd who is a member of the US Navy Band to pose as a new anthem songwriter as overhears her plot to destroy the Earth's climate in order to be heralded as a hero. The first letter of the lyric stanzas however are a subtle code that reads "Ozma Will Rise Soon".

He tricks a shop owner named Bamber into revealing that Ozma can't be released since magic is forbidden as she theorizes each person has a weakness to each magical element with Dorothy being air, Scarecrow fire, Tin Man water, and Lion earth.

His tactic was to use magic that compels people to sing a song that calls for Dorothy's surrender and Ozma's freedom which causes them to start revolting. However the Scarecrow gets the crowd to turn against Byrd as the Tin Man handcuffs him to be imprisoned in Ev

Next the order turns to Willow Laurie to help them on their mission.


  • The 1939 film is referenced throughout the book.
  • Musicals such as The Wiz and Wicked are inferred by the line "Like anyone on Broadway knows about Oz's existence."
  • Somehow Toto exchanged the ability to speak in order to obtain the power of controlling weather with the joke made "Toto does more than bless the rains down in Africa".
  • Various references to Greek and Roman mythology are made with mentions of Hephaestus, Hermes, Venus, and Bacchus.
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