Eloise Jarvis McGraw (9 December 1915 – 30 November 2000) was one of the last Royal Historians of Oz. She was the co-author with her daughter Lauren Lynn McGraw of Merry Go Round in Oz, the last book in the "Famous Forty" Oz series. She also co-wrote The Forbidden Fountain of Oz and wrote The Rundelstone of Oz.

McGraw was a successful children's book author; she won three Newbery Honors, for her books Moccasin Trail (1952), The Golden Goblet (1962), and The Moorchild (1997). Her 1977 novel A Really Weird Summer was awarded and Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery by the Mystery Writers of America. She wrote several historical novels for children.

Her first published short story, "Pajamas, the Sleepyhead Elf," appeared in the March 1949 issue of Jack and Jill. The story was reprinted in Oz-story Magazine No. 4 in 1998.

Gina Wickwar credited McGraw with help in editing The Hidden Prince of Oz.

Eloise Jarvis married William Corbin McGraw; he died in 1999. She lived in Portland, Oregon for many years, before dying in late 2000 of complications of cancer. The McGraws had two children, Peter and Lauren.

The Oz connection

Jarvis McGraw's connection with Oz began in 1962. She was asked to write a biographical sketch for the children's encyclopedia Childcraft, and selected L. Frank Baum. She wrote to Reilly & Lee for information; editor Maxine Rieckhoff sent her a copy of To Please a Child, the Baum biography then recently published. Rieckhoff also suggested that McGraw submit an Oz manuscript, which led to Merry Go Round in Oz.

McGraw's biographical sketch of Baum, titled "The Magic Land," was reprinted in Oz-story Magazine No. 2 in 1996, accompanied by an illustration by her daughter Lauren.


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