Dyna is a relative of the Crooked Sorcerer who created the Powder of Life. She lives in the Emerald City.


Dyna once had a big, blue bear for a pet. She loved it very much, and when it choked on a fish-bone and died she had it made into a rug.

Later, when her relative the Crooked Sorcerer fell down a precipice and was killed, she inherited all his possessions, including a small bottle of the Powder of Life. Thinking it was moth powder, she sprinkled it on the rug. At the same time she wished her dear pet was alive again. The bear-skin rug came to life, but it is a great bother since it will no longer lay still and it is of no use except as a rug.

During Ozma's birthday parade, the blue bear rug accompanied the Princess and allowed her to stand upon it when the procession paused. (The Road to Oz)

Modern Works

While Dyna is absent in Tales of Magic Land, the analogue of her bear rug is present. Formerly a pet of Urfin Jus (of ordinary color), the bear died and was made into a rug. When Urfin created the Powder of Life, he was unaware of its properties; for him it was merely a way to destroy an extremely viable weed. Accidentally, a certain amount of the Powder spilled onto the rug. Unlike in the Oz series, the hide was capable of speech. It was intact enough to later fill it with wood sawings, making it a fearsome fighter. The bear was known under the name Topotun (Stomper). It served Urfin faithfully, only abandoning him (for unknown reason) at the end of the fourth book.

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