is a village of donkeys which lies outside the Land of Oz across the Great Sandy Wastes. It is located in the same unnamed country as Foxville, the Valley of the Musicker, and the Land of the Scoodlers.


Dunkiton is ruled by King Kik-a-bray. The village is surrounded by a high, whitewashed wall. For protection, the donkeys kick against sheets of tin and iron to scare away enemies.

The houses are all low and square, built of bricks and whitewashed. They are not set in rows, but instead are scattered in a haphazard manner. All the whitewashing is done by young donkeys who do not attend school, since all donkeys are born wise.

The citizens wear wide, white collars with scollops and points. The gentlemen wear high pointed caps and the ladies wear sunbonnets with holes in the top for their ears. They wear no other clothing, but many wear bangles or rings of metal on their ankles. Their hair is sleek and smooth in shades of white, brown, gray, black, or spotted.

Madam de Fayke is a hoofist in the village.

According to the Encyclopedia Donkaniara, the word 'donkey' means 'clever'. (The Road to Oz)

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