Dragonettes are young Dragons who live in a cave beneath the earth's surface.


They resemble alligators, with glowing yellow eyes like pie plates, and mouths like coal-scuttles. Their heads are as big as barrels, but their bodies are very small and covered with glittering greenish scales.

The Dragonettes encountered by Dorothy Gale and the Wizard of Oz were around sixty-six years old while their mother, a mature Dragon, is about two thousand. Their pedigree extends back about twenty thousand years, to the time of the Green Dragon of Atlantis.

Their mother is considered mature, while Quox, who is over 3000, is considered an adolescent. This may be a cultural difference among different populations of Dragons on different sides of the world; they may have different life expectencies.

Since they tended to quarrel, their mother usually tied their tails around rocks at the backs of their caves. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)


They appear in The Oz Kids episode Underground Adventure.

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