Dr. J.B. Worley was a psychiatrist who appeared in the 1985 movie Return to Oz.

He was obsessed with machines, and had an electro therapy machine that resembled a face. He compared brains to machines this way. However, his machine damaged the minds of the patients, where he and Nurse Wilson would then lock them in the cellar.


When Dorothy Gale was taken to the clinic because of her inability to sleep, she almost received the electro therapy, but the power went out at the last second due to a thunderstorm. After Dr. Worley and Nurse Wilson left to check on the generator, Ozma came in and helped Dorothy escape the clinic. Shortly afterward, the clinic was struck by lightning and burned down. The only one killed in the fire was Dr. Worley, as he ran back to rescue his machines. ("Return to Oz")


Dr. Worely was portrayed by Nicol Williamson, who also played the Nome King. Interestingly enough, both have a ruby ring on their finger and are smoking a cigar. The Nome King's mountain collapsing, and he himself crumbling into a pile of rocks after being poisoned by an egg, mirrors Dr. Worley's clinic burning down and his subsequent death, much like Nurse Wilson and Mombi, who are both imprisoned at the film's end.

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