"But the tree next to the lunch-box tree was even more wonderful, for it bore quantities of tin dinner-pails, which were so full and heavy that the stout branches bent underneath their weight. Some were small and dark-brown in color; those larger were of a dull tin color; but the really ripe ones were pails of bright tin that shone and glistened beautifully in the rays of sunshine that touched them. "
Ozma of Oz (1907)

The Dinner-Pail Tree is a fictional tree created by L. Frank Baum. Along with the Lunch-Box Tree, it appears in Baum's third Oz book titled Ozma of Oz, published in 1907. These trees grow in the enchanted country known as the Land of Ev, where the bad-mannered creatures called Wheelers, and Tik-Tok the mechanical copper man lived under the reign of the Royal Family and the vain Princess Langwidere.

The dinner-pail tree grows near the Wheeler Country in the Land of Ev. There is only one known example of this type of tree, although the Lunch-Box Tree grows nearby. The trees belong to the Royal Family of Ev, although they are falsely claimed by the Wheelers.

When Dorothy Gale and Billina the talking hen are shipwrecked during a storm on their way to Australia, they find the lunch-box tree and the dinner-pail tree shortly after arriving on dry land. After enjoying a lunch-box meal, Dorothy picks a dinner-pail to eat later.

The Dinner-Pail Tree has leaves of paper napkins. The tree grows quantities of tin dinner pails so heavy that its stout branches bend underneath their weight. Unripe tins are small and dark-brown, but gradually grow larger and take on a dull tin colour; mature dinner-pails are bright and shine in the sunlight.

Inside the Dinner Pail that Dorothy picks, the finds the following:

  • A small tank full of lemonade.
  • Slices of turkey.
  • Slices of cold tongue.
  • Lobster salad.
  • Bread and butter.
  • A small custard pie.
  • An orange.
  • Some strawberries.
  • Cracked nuts and raisins

According to Dorothy, the entire meal is delicious. The empty dinner-pail is later used by Tik-Tok to subdue the Wheelers intent on harassing Dorothy and Billina. (Ozma of Oz)