Dame Dingle was a wrinkled old woman who lived in Noland and enjoyed making patchwork crazy-quilts.

One day an old shepherd named Edi traded her a beautiful cloak in exchange for some rheumatism medicine. The cloak was too fine for her to wear, so she cut half of it into pieces and traded them with her quilting circle friends: Nancy Nink, Betsy Barx, Sally Sog, Molly Mitt, and Lucy Lum.

A few days later King Bud, Princess Fluff, and Queen Zixi came looking for the cloak. They explained that it was a magic cloak woven by the Fairies and could be used to grant wishes. Dame Dingle quickly stitched back together the pieces she had, and directed her royal guests to her quilting friends where they could find the rest of the cloak. Queen Zixi gave her a bright gold coin for her trouble. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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