Didjabo was the Chief of the nine Ozamandarins, the council of judges, and lawgivers of Ozamaland.


Didjabo wore the square hat that was the sign of his office. He has been described as a tall, thin, mean-visaged villain (but so have all of his colleagues among the Ozamandarins).


Didjabo led the Ozamandarins in plotting the extermination of the royal family of Ozamaland and the takeover of the country; unbeknownst to his colleagues, he also planned to destroy them and seize power for himself alone. He conspired with Blogodore the Old Man of the Jungle to remove Tazander Tazah (known as Tandy), the crown prince; then he betrayed Blogodore. This was one betrayal too much; when Tandy returned home with Captain Salt and their friends, Blogodore revealed Didjabo's multiple treacheries. Didjabo and the other Ozamandarins ended up at the bottom of the Nonestic Ocean. (Captain Salt in Oz)