Dick Martin (1927 – 1990) was an artist who illustrated Merry Go Round in Oz (1963), the last of the "Famous Forty" Oz books. He also illustrated other Oz fiction including Yankee in Oz (1972), The Enchanted Island of Oz (1976), and The Forbidden Fountain of Oz (1980). He both wrote and illustrated The Ozmapolitan of Oz (1986).

Martin collaborated with David L. Greene on The Oz Scrapbook (1977), and contributed to the early efforts by The International Wizard of Oz Club to catalogue the Oz literature, which later resulted in the Bibliographia Oziana.

Martin's illustration credits include a range of other Oz-related work, like Alla T. Ford's The Musical Fantasies of L. Frank Baum (1958) and The High-Jinks of L. Frank Baum (1959), Prince Silverwings (1982), and Ruth Plumly Thompson's The Wizard of Way-Up and Other Wonders (1985).

Martin produced other Oz-themed paper models, toys, and artwork:

  • Cut and Assemble the Emerald City of Oz (1981)
  • Cut and Make Wizard of Oz Masks (1982)
  • An Oz Picture Gallery (1984)
  • Cut and Assemble Wizard of Oz Toy Theatre (1985)
  • An Oz Sketchbook (1998)

Martin was educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He also illustrated more than a dozen books for children and juveniles that had nothing to do with Oz. Among these, Sally Jackson's The Littlest Star: A Story About Ballet (1961) perhaps attracted the most positive critical attention.

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