Davy Jones
Species Wooden whale
Residence Lake Quad
Nonestic Ocean (formerly)
Affiliation Bucky Jones
First Appearance Lucky Bucky in Oz

Davy Jones was a wooden whale living in the Nonestic Ocean. He is a living creature but also serves as a ship of sorts, and he has a cabin inside him for a human crew.


Davy originally served as a ship for a group of pirates, which he hated. But one day, when all his pirate crew jumped off to invade an island, Davy swam off, abandoning them. Soon after, he met Bucky Jones, who he at first suspected of being a pirate. But when Bucky promised this was not the case, Davy invited him aboard, and ever since then Bucky has been his companion. He also believes Bucky to be his cousin, since they share the same last name.

Together, the two of them embarked on a quest to get to the Emerald City of Oz, as Bucky wanted to go home and Davy wanted to prove to him that Oz is better. During their quest they followed rivers inland, were briefly captured by the Nome King Kaliko, but were saved by Number Nine, were helped across the Deadly Desert by Polychrome and her fairy sisters, and were unknowingly boarded by an incarnation of Mombi. However they did finally make it to the Emerald City, with the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman joining his crew. Davy, having always intended to visit the Emerald City, was thrilled, especially when the Wizard offered him a job that would allow him to live in Lake Quad, two miles south of the city. (Lucky Bucky in Oz)