"With a glad cry the Rainbow's youngest daughter sprang from her seat and leaped on the arched bow that awaited her. As she mounted gradually upward in a dance like fashion she cried out "Good-bye, Princess Ozma! Good-bye, Dorothy Gale!", who knew that the voice belonged to Polychrome; but now the little creatures tiny form had sank entirely into the Rainbow as she become one with the bow again. Their eyes could no longer see her but they blew kisses towards her way with one hand, and fanned goodbye with the other. Suddenly, the end of the bow slowly lifted from the earth and its colors ascended, fading into the clouds like mist before a high breeze and she, along with the bow were entirely gone..."
The Road to Oz (1909)
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The Daughters of the Rainbow

The Daughters of the Rainbow are fictional beings created by L. Frank Baum. They are all introduced in Baum's fourth Oz book titled The Road to Oz, published in 1909. The daughters are siad to be a rare race of colorful sky fairies, princesses of the atmosphere and sisters, all the offspring of the spirit that controls Rainbows for the Earth. They can only be seen in the magical realms such in the Land of Oz. They live in "Cloud Palaces" and enjoy dancing along the surfaces of rainbows whenever these bend toward the ground below. They are generally mysterious, ethereal creatures, luminous and unearthly. Little is actually known about them other than the youngest of sisters named Polychrome, whose boldness and independency has more than once gotten her left behind for adventures among terrestrial beings within the magical Land of Oz and all its neighboring fairy-countries.


March Laumer gives names to Polychrome's nineteen sisters in his Oz books. He calls them: Alouette, Aquarelle, Arcenciel, Arcobaleno, Aurora, Curcubeu, Farvespil, Iris, Lucy, Naiad, Opal, Pluvia, Prism, Raduga, Regenvlaag, Roong, Sateenkaari, Tien Kang, and Vattenande. ("Raduga" is "rainbow" in Russian, while "regenvlaag" is "gust of rain" in Dutch.)

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