The Cuttenclips of the magical Land of Oz are a very small community of living magic paper dolls in the southern quadrant known as the Quadling Country, where Glinda the Good Witch rules.


The Cuttenclips live in a circular enclosure surrounded by a high wall brightly painted blue with pink ornaments. It never rains in the area, since Glinda the Good cast a magic spell that keeps the storms and rain away. There is a small door in the wall with a gold-lettered sign which reads:

  • VISITORS are requested to MOVE SLOWLY and CAREFULLY, and to avoid COUGHING or making any BREEZE or DRAUGHT!!!

The Cuttenclips of Oz.

Miss Cuttenclip is the little girl who creates all the Cuttenclips and is acknowledged as the Queen. The paper people have their own paper flag, and a song entitled "The Flag of Our Native Land".

The paper dolls are all nearly the same height, but are cut into various shapes and sizes. The girls wear beautiful costumes made of tissue paper. Their names are Polly, Sue, Betty, and such things. The Cuttenclips are protected by paper soldiers connected together in a line, with brightly painted uniforms and paper shot guns. The houses are made of thick cardboard and painted in various colors. Their yards are decorated with beds of paper flowers, and some have paper vines twined over the porches. Paper trees line the main path through Cuttenclips. A paper pump near the street provides paper water. Miss Cuttenclip's house is made of wood and has real flowers in the garden and real trees beside it. It is the only solid thing in the entire village.

Oz History

Miss Cuttenclip was a native Ozian who used to live near the beautiful ruby studded Castle of Glinda the Good. She made such pretty paper dolls, that the sorceress gave her some magic paper so that whatever was cut from it would be alive. Because her creations were so flimsly, Glinda established her village in a remote part of the Quadling Country and using her great magic she built a wall around it to protect it from breezes and moisture. Miss Cuttenclip has gradually built houses and created people, and the village continues to grow bigger and bigger (The Emerald City of Oz)

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