Crunch, carrying the Cowardly Lion against his will to Mudge.

Species Rock Person
Residence Mudge;
A cave near the Emerald City
Affiliation None
First Appearance The Cowardly Lion of Oz

Crunch, also known as the Stone Man, was a very old inhabitant of Oz. He was brought to life by the wizard Wam in the early history of Oz, using a magical powder but never knew what to do with his life and so waited for many centuries, not knowing what to do.

He caught Notta Bit More and the Cowardly Lion as they fell from a Skyle, and when they suggested he serve Ozma and help people he was initially happy with the idea, and he joined their party, taking a particular interest in the Lion.

However, he soon became impatient with the customs of the non-magical people, and soon resolved to turn the Cowardly Lion to stone so that the lion would be free of fear, forever, and so that he would belong to Crunch. But since he had promised the Lion not to do so until after defeating Mustafa, he quickly ran to Mudge with the lion. While there, he turned Mustafa's collection of lions to stone, and did the same to the Cowardly Lion, before Glinda and the Wizard froze his motions. Ozma decreed that Crunch would forever remain in Mudge as a punishment to Mustafa. (The Cowardly Lion of Oz)


  • It's never mentioned whether the powder Wam uses to bring Crunch to life is, in fact, the Powder of Life. If so, Dr. Pipt may not have invented it, as Crunch's beginning takes place millenia ago.
  • Crunch is the first character in the Oz series to join the party, and then later have a change of heart and betray the party.

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