Crinklink as a giant

Crinklink is a magical man who lives in the southeast part of the Land of Oz.


Crinklink had small eyes, a big nose, and a sharp chin. His hair was blue and his clothes scarlet, and every button on his coat was the head of an animal. From top to bottom they were a bear, a wolf, a cat, a weasel, and a field-mouse.

He could change his size from a three-inch-tall man to a giant large enough to step over a wide lake. His log castle is located on the tallest peak of a hill and is of ordinary size, though his bed is very small.


Dorothy and Toto encountered Crinklink while exploring Oz. He was only three inches tall and claimed to be a ferryman until Dorothy agreed to go with him. Then he turned into a giant, kidnapped Dorothy, and took her to his castle. There he changed to ordinary size and forced Dorothy to wash dishes. While he was napping, Toto attacked Crinklink and he revealed himself as the Wizard of Oz, who was trying to teach Dorothy a lesson about the dangers of exploring Oz alone. ("Little Dorothy and Toto")