Mr. Cinnamon Bunn, Esquire is one of the more important citizens of Bunbury.


He is a portly bun man made of bread, with butter inside so it won't melt and run. He has legs of stick cinnamon.

His family is one of the most aristocratic in the village, and Bunbury is named after them. Mr. Bunn is cordial toward most of his fellow citizens, but he can't abide the Frosted Jumbles since he feels they may have too much baking powder in them.


When Dorothy Gale visited Bunbury, Mr. Bunn arranged for his neighbors to provide her with food. Then he took her on a tour of their village and introduced her to many of its important residents. When Billina and Toto ate some of the people, Mr. Bunn made Dorothy and her friends leave. (The Emerald City of Oz)

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