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China Girl
China girl.png
Title China Girl
Gender Female
Species China Person
Origin Oz
Residence China Town
Affiliation Oscar Diggs, Finley, Glinda
First Appearance Oz: The Great and Powerful

China Girl is the tetratagonist from the 2013 Disney film Oz: The Great and Powerful. She is a doll from her village of China Town, where everything, including the inhabitants, is made of china. Eventually, she encountered Oscar Diggs and they strike up an unlikely friendship.

She is voiced by Joey King.

Physical Appearance

China Girl is a short and slender china doll. She has her white china body and hair, blue eyes, and indigo linings on each end of her joints. Her clothes are a periwinkle dress with a low cut neckline, short sleeves, both aqua waistband and border on her bottom skirt, and black Mary Jane shoes.


China Girl was in her house in China Town when Evanora's Winged Baboons came and destroyed her town, shattering most of her people. Her legs shattered, and unable to walk, she hid in the wreckage of her house, terrified.

When Oz and Finley arrived, China Girl was afraid of

Oz helping China Girl to walk.

them and hid initially. When Oz won her trust, he soon fixed her legs with glue and helped her to walk again. When Oz and Finley left to find and kill the Wicked Witch, China Girl asked to go with them. Oz initially refused, and told her to go back to the Emerald City, but she persisted with an emotional display and finally Oz allowed her to come. The trio traveled through the Dark Forest, where they met Glinda. Glinda took them to her castle, where, after being confronted by Theodora, Oz soon lost hope of being able to defeat the witches. But China Girl asked him to tuck her in at night. While he was doing so, she asked if he could grant wishes like the previous wizard. He replied that he was not that kind of wizard, but that he aspired to be a wizard like Thomas Edison -- a technical wizard. She said she believed him to be that kind of wizard, which inspired him.

China Girl traveling in one of Glinda's bubbles

Once he had scared off the Wicked Witches, he welcomed her into his family at the Emerald City, and China Girl said it was the perfect gift. (Oz the Great and Powerful)

Before Oz: "Make Me Walk!"

"Make me walk!" Wheelchair girl in Kansas

In the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz , characters in Kansas appear as characters in Oz. For instance, Hunk becomes the Scarecrow , Zeke becomes the Lion, Professor Marvel becomes the Wizard, etc. This also occurs in Return to Oz . In keeping with this tradition, also held to in Return to Oz, a wheelchair girl at Oz's magic show in Kansas appears as China Girl in Oz. In Kansas, as Oz is performing a magic show, a little girl in a wheelchair is inspired as Oz makes his assistant disappear, and asks him to make her walk, and says she believes in him. Her mother even gives money to him, saying it's not much but all that family has. Knowing he can't make her walk, Oz says that he gladly would make her walk, but there is a "distemper in the ether". The people call him a phony and start throwing things at him, causing Oz to end the show prematurely and the girl to cry.

China Girl in pieces

When Oscar and Finley arrive at China Town in Oz, they find China Girl alive, but orphaned, as everyone else is dead, shattered to pieces, and her legs are broken in pieces. Oz is deeply troubled to see her like that, possibly remembering the girl at the magic show or just doesn't like to see children suffer. But he remembers that he packed a bottle of glue. Though it is ordinary glue, Oz says it is "magic in a bottle", inspiring her just like he inspired the girl at the magic show. He glued the pieces of her legs back together and successfully helps her to walk, unlike the girl at the magic show.