Species Yip, Winkie
Residence Yip Country
First Appearance The Lost Princess of Oz

Cayke is a Yip known for the delicious cookies she bakes in her diamond-studded gold dishpan. Unknown to her, it is a Magic Dishpan and can carry its occupants to anywhere they may desire to go. Ugu uses Cayke's dishpan to kidnap Princess Ozma and steal all the magic in the Land of Oz. Distraught, she turns to the Frogman to help her retrieve the dishpan, taking them on a journey throughout Winkie Country where they eventually encounter Dorothy's search party for the missing Princess Ozma and join forces. After a confrontation with Ugu, he is transformed into a dove and uses the dishpan to escape, but later the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman find the dishpan in Munchkin Country and it is returned to Cayke in the Emerald City. She becomes famous throughout Oz for her cookies. (The Lost Princess of Oz)

Later Appearances

She is rarely mentioned again in the rest of the Famous Forty Oz books, but she has made occasional appearances in more modern works.

  • In Family of Oz (2011), by James C. Wallace II, Cayke the Cookie Cook makes a brief appearance in the Land of the Yips when she bids farewell to the Trading Balloon with a present of cupcakes from her Magic Dishpan.
  • Cayke also makes a cameo appearance along with the Frogman in the Dorothy Must Die series, attending Dorothy's parties.
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