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This list is ranking of various Oz film or television productions that were announced but have not been released. Only a few of these were officially canceled whereas others do not have statements coming from the companies nor individuals reported to be involved.

For this reason the Wiki Policy is to use speculation based on years passed from last official news item plus other indications of cancellation. The limit for possibly to move over to probably will be set at five years symbolically because production on The Wizard of Oz (1939) started five years after it was reported in 1933 that Samuel Goldwyn had bought the rights to the 1st book and intended to make a film based on it. This means as of 2023 any project that was last heard about before 2018 will be under that heading.


  • Rainbow Road to Oz: A Disney film that only filmed some music numbers for a preview in 1957 but did not go forward reportedly due to script issues. Retooled to become a cartoon but dropped entirely for unclear reasons.
  • Lost in Oz (Tim Burton Project): A pilot in the process of being filmed in 2000 was scrapped for unclear reasons possibly due to budget issues.
  • Lost in Oz (pilot) ; A series intended to air in 2002 could not proceed as the starring actress Melissa George moved away to the U.S. while it was to be filmed in Australia.
  • Positively Ozitively : Similar in premise to The Oz Kids and seemingly replaced with Lost in Oz (web series)

Probably Canceled[]

The following projects were announced but do not have a confirmation whether they were canceled or still forthcoming:

LU means Last Updates in relation to the last year that any news was released about it.

Possibly Cancelled[]