Bunnybury is an enclosed village in the Quadling Country of Oz inhabited by civilized bunnies.


The City

Bunnybury is surrounded by a high wall of white marble. There is a small window with brass bars near a bell-push and a sign which reads "No Admittance Except on Business." No one is allowed in Bunnybury without an order or letter of introduction from Ozma of Oz or Glinda the Good.

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The Keeper of the Wicket

The entrance leads to a room built into the wall. There the Keeper of the Wicket reduces visitors to the size of a rabbit before they can enter the village proper.

The houses of Bunnybury resemble overturned kettles with delicate slender spires and minarets. The streets are paved with white marble and each house has a lawn of green clover. A statue of Glinda stands in a central square in front of the Royal Palace, which is an imposing building of white marble covered with a filigree of frosted gold.The Throne Room of the Palace is where the King of Bunnybury holds court. It is draped with gold cloth and furnished with satin-covered gold furniture. The throne is set on a dais and has a big, cushioned seat.

The People

The rabbit people wear splended costumes made from silk and satin of delicate hues, decorated with exquisite gems. The ladies wear bonnets decorated with feathers and jewels.

The nobility are even more richly dressed. They wear white gloves with rings on the outside, as is their fashion. Many of the gentlemen wear monocles while the ladies carry lorgnettes.

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The rabbit soliders wear uniforms of green and gold with high shakos on their heads and tiny spears; the captain carries a sword and has a white plume in his shako.


Glinda made the city of Bunnybury because she is fond of rabbits. She built the wall, fixed up the city, and made the laws. Then she invited all the pink-eyed white rabbits to live in the city. (The Emerald City of Oz)

Known inhabitants


Dorothy Gale pays a second visit to Bunnybury in Marin Elizabeth Xiques' A Baffling Book About Bunnybury of Oz (2009).

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