Bunbury is a village in the Quadling Country of Oz where everyone and everything is made of baked goods.


Bunbury is hidden away in a forest near the village of Bunnybury. The path between them is little traveled but clear enough, and zigzags through the trees.

The ground in Bunbury is all flour and meal. They have milk wells and water wells, and at one side of the village is a butter mine. The trees are doughleanders and doughderas which produce a good crop of dough-nuts in season.

The houses of Bunbury are made of crackers laid out in tiny squares. They have balconies and porches with posts of breadsticks and roofs shingled with wafer crackers. The sidewalks are breadcrusts. There is a delightful fragrance of fresh bread in the town.

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The people are all made of buns and bread of all varieties. Some are fat and some thin. Their complexions range from white to light brown to very dark. People of the more important classes are frosted. They have eyes of raisins or cloves, currant buttons, and legs of stick cinnamon.

Since the people of Bunbury are all edible, they secluded themselves in an out-of-the-way place to escape being eaten. The village is named after the Bunn family, one of the most aristocratic in town, though most of the citizens are well bred.

Important citizens of Bunbury include Cinnamon Bunn, Pop Over, Mr. Muffin, Aunt Sally Lunn, Johnny Cake, and the Graham Gems. (The Emerald City of Oz)


In addition to her Oz books and her children's stories and poetry, Ruth Plumly Thompson also did advertising work. In the 1920s she produced a series of pamphlets for the Royal Baking Company that featured stories in rhyme along with baking recipes. One of these pamphlets was titled Billy in Bunbury.


Baroness Bunchausen is a resident of Bunbury shown in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

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