The Bumpy Man (also knows as the Mountain Ear) is a resident of the Land of Mo. He has never been anywhere else.


He is a rugged looking man with bumps all over him. There are bumps on his head, bumps on his body, and bumps on his arms and legs and hands. Even his fingers have bumps on the ends of them. He wears an old gray suit of fantastic design, which fits him very badly because it covers the bumps but cannot conceal them. His bumps always tell him the state of the weather. He believes his bumps were a gift from the fairies, and they make him look rugged like the mountain he serves.

He is called the Mountain Ear, because it is his duty to listen to the world around him and tell the mountain on which he lives about what is going on, thus keeping the mountain from shaking, rumbling, and spouting. He sleeps little since he stays alert at night, listening for the slightest sound.

He lives in a neatly constructed house of stone built on the flat top of the mountain in a wide, level space with brilliant green grass. The house is furnished with benches, a table, and a fireplace, all made of stone.

The mountainside is not barren, but has patches of green grass, some bushes, and a few tender trees on its sides. Here and there, masses of tumbled rocks are scattered. The sides of the slope seem rather steep, but with care one can climb up or down with ease and safety. The view from the top of the mountain shows pleasant valleys and fertile hills. The houses and the people and animals appear as moving dots in the valley.


Trot, Cap'n Bill, and the Ork visited the Bumpy Man on their way through Mo to the Land of Oz. (The Scarecrow of Oz)

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