Bristle is the Keeper of the Wicket of Bunnybury.


He is a good-sized white rabbit with pink eyes. He wears an eye-glass in his left eye, attached to a cord in his button-hole. He wears a white satin jacket embroidered with gold and having diamond buttons. His vest is rose-colored satin with tourmaline buttons. His trousers are white and baggy at the knees, being tied with knots of rose ribbons. His shoes are white plush with diamond buckles, and his stockings are rose silk.

Bristle is sober and sedate and always tries to do his duty, although he claims to be a person of little importance.

As Keeper of the Wicket, Bristle is the "doorman" of Bunnybury. He can only admit visitors with an order or letter of introduction from Ozma of Oz or Glinda the Good. When visitors are admitted, Bristle reduces them to the size of a rabbit before letting them into the village itself. (The Emerald City of Oz)