The Braided Man at Ozma's Birthday Party

The Braided Man is an old man who lives halfway up Pyramid Mountain.


He is very old, and is bent over nearly double. His white hair and beard are so long they reach his feet, and are plaited into braids, each tied with a bow of colored ribbon.


The Braided Man is a great inventor who once lived on the surface of the earth. He manufactured Imported Holes for American Swiss Cheese, pores for porous plaster, and high-grade holes for buttons and doughnuts. Finally he invented an Adjustable Post-Hole and manufactured a large quantity. He stacked them end to end and put the top one in the ground, but fell into this extraordinarily long hole.

He caught a projection from Pyramid Mountain and made his way to a landing on the spiral staircase inside the mountain. He has lived there ever since, never having gone down or up the mountain. He amuses himself by manufacturing Flutters and Rustles.

When Dorothy Gale and the Wizard of Oz passed by his cave, he offered them some of his product. Although he has no need for money in the deserted place were he lives, he was glad to receive a blue hair ribbon from Dorothy. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)

Later, the Braided Man was somehow able to return to the surface of the earth to attend a birthday party for Princess Ozma in the Emerald City. His gift was a box of the finest Flutters he had ever made. (The Road to Oz)


  • Since Pyramid Mountain is said to be below Boboland, than the Braided Man might be a Bobolander.
  • If he was able to attend to Ozma's Birthday Celebration, then there is a chance that he now lives in Boboland, or somewhere else in Nonestica.
    • The Braided Man might have returned to Pyramid Mountain, however, because he might like it down there.


The Braided Man is the focus of Rufus K. Lionel's The Braided Man of Oz (1987).

The Braided Man appears in the background of the coronation scene in Return to Oz.

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