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For other versions, see Wicked Witch of the West.

Azkadellia is the central antagonist of Tin Man (miniseries), under the possession of the Wicked Witch. She is portrayed by Kathleen Robertson.


Azkadellia is the sister of D.G. She and DG were very close as children. One day she and DG found a cave and when they went inside they accidentally released the Wicked Witch. DG and Azkadellia hold hands which is the only thing that can protect them. But DG is scared away by the witch who then takes over Azkadellia's body. Azkadellia has been posessed by her evil ever since that day. She eventually becomes the ruler of the O.Z. In the ending of the series Azkadellia is saved by DG who separates her from the Witch. Azkadelllia is now her old self again.