The Awgwas were a terrible race of creatures that were neither mortals nor immortals. They once lived in ancient times, but have since been destroyed and are now extinct.


The Awgwas were gigantic, with scowling faces that showed their hatred for mankind. They were invisible to mortals, but not to immortals. They could travel instantly from one place to another, and had the power to influence human minds. They had no consciences and were evil to the core.

They lived in rocky mountainous places, and came out to cause suffering among mortals. The Awgwas elected as king the one among them who could think of the most horrible deeds. They sometimes lived as long as a hundred years, but generally died much younger than that, fighting among themselves.


When Santa Claus began distributing toys, it made children less prone to obey the evil urgings of the Awgwas. A new king was elected who proposed that they destroy Claus.

First they kidnapped him and left him in the dark forest of Ethop, but he was rescued by the Knooks. Next they tried to imprison him in one of their own caves, but the Fairies came to his rescue. Finally they resorted to stealing all the toys he made, and confounding the steps of children so they could not visit their friend.

Ak the Master Woodsman confronted the Awgwas and demanded that they leave Claus in peace. In reply, the Awgwas declared their intention to kill the man and declared war on the immortals. They gathered an army of evil creatures including Asiatic Dragons, Giants of Tartary, Black Demons from Patalonia, and Goozzle-Goblins. There was an epic battle which is sung of in Fairyland to this day, but ultimately the Awgwas and their allies were defeated. The King Awgwa was cloven in two by the Master Woodsman, and his subjects were transformed into clods of dirt by the Wood Nymphs. (The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus)

Known Awgwas

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