Australia is the smallest known continent, located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

After rebuilding his Kansas farm following a devastating cyclone, Henry Gale took a trip to Australia with his niece Dorothy to visit some cousins and have a good rest. During the voyage, a terrible storm washed Dorothy overboard and she soon found herself landing on the shores of the Land of Ev.

After many adventures, Dorothy was transported to her uncle in Australia by Princess Ozma of Oz, using the Magic Belt. (Ozma of Oz)


David Hulan's Eureka in Oz exploits the Australian trip of Dorothy and Uncle Henry; indeed, Hulan makes Dorothy's kitten Eureka an Australian native.

Real World

The country/island/continent of Australia is sometimes called Oz because the stereotypical Aussie (or "Ozzy") accent renders it "Oztralia". It is unknown whether L. Frank Baum named his Fairyland with Australia in mind.

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