Ash: Crooked Fates is an upcoming crossover Oz book by Sky Sommers. It will be released on June 21st, 2021 as the 3rd entry in the Magic Mirrors Saga which features characters from various fairy tales.


Do villains deserve happily-ever-afters?

When Mellie goes to Oz in search of her baby-daddy, she needs a crew to deliver the proof of their liaison - her youngest daughter, Ellie - to the Emerald City. Hijacking someone else’s search & rescue crew? Not a problem. So what if it’s the feared Fairy Queen Morgana's rescue mission to find her only son.

A cowardly lion and a brainless scarecrow as per the manual are already lined up for the save. The tin-man is already in Oz…somewhere. Darn those iron mirror portals and fae men.

Which one of her entourage will Ellie fall in love with? Will Oz remember Mellie who has born him four kids, including Cinderella? And what about happy-ever-afters, can villains really stomach them?

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