Aquareine is the lovely and gracious queen of the mermaids and the first mermaid ever created.

It is through her fairy powers that the glass roof of the palace was created, since there is no natural way to make glass underwater. She also has the power to enchant humans living on the surface, to create mirages which bring any earth scene before her, and to protect others by drawing a Magic Circle around them. (The Sea Fairies)

Many years ago, the Mermaid Queen was rescued by a king of Pingaree. In gratitude she presented him with three Magic Pearls, which helped the people of Pingaree fight off invaders from Regos and Coregos. Their retreating boats were later lost in the sea, and King Kitticut believed the Mermaids to be responsible. (Rinkitink in Oz)


Aquareine appears in The Oz Kids episode Journey Beneath the Sea.

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