Queen Ann Soforth of Oogaboo

Ann Soforth
is the queen of Oogaboo.


Ann is attractive, but proud, temperamental, and overly ambitious. She resents the fact that her kingdom is so tiny and her people so stupid and unenterprising.

Ann has lost track of her age, but she is old enough to make jelly. She has a younger sister named Salye.


Queen Ann and Jo Files


Ann's father, Jol Jemkiph Soforth, was once king of Oogaboo. One night he crept over the pass into the Land of Oz to escape his sharp-tongued wife. A few years later, she followed and Ann was left as queen.

Ann's ambition led her to believe she could conquer Oz, so she assembled seventeen of the eighteen men in her kingdom to form an army called the Army of Oogaboo. As they marched out of Oogaboo, Glinda redirected their path to a deserted country where they wandered for several days. They finally encountered a Rak.

A few days later they encountered a party consisting of the Shaggy Man, Tik-Tok, Betsy Bobbin, Hank the Mule, Polychrome, and Ozga the Rose Princess. Jo Files refused to capture the prisoners and bind them, since three of them were girls. He resigned his position as private, and Tik-Tok was recruited to

Anne's army

Queen Ann marching her royal Army of Oogaboo to-wards Oz

replace him. He was offered a share of the plunder: half would go to Queen Ann, half would be split among the officers, and Tik-Tok would receive the rest.

Ann and her army joined the group and set out for the Nome Kingdom where they hoped to rescue the Shaggy Man's Brother. They were dropped down the Hollow Tube by the Nome King and sent back by Tititi-Hoochoo.

When they entered the Nome Kingdom, Ruggedo captured them in a pit. They found a small passageway lined with sharp and jagged rocks which led them to the Metal Forest, although crawling through it tore their clothing to rags. They were reunited with the Shaggy Man and the others, and successfully rescued the Shaggy Man's Brother before returning home to Oogaboo. (Tik-Tok of Oz)


Queen Ann was a major character (and the title character) in the novel Queen Ann in Oz (Emerald City Press, 1993, and The Royal Publisher of Oz, 2014).

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