Button Bright and Musicker

Button Bright and the Musicker


Allegro da Capo

Allegro da Capo
is a man who lives just outside the Land of Oz in the unknown country where Dunkiton. Foxville, the Valley of the Musicker, and the Territory of the Scoodlers were located. He is also known as the Musicker.


The Musicker is a little fat man with a round face and faded blue eyes. He wears a red, braided jacket, a blue waistcoat, and white trousers with gold stripes down the sides. His head is bald and he wears a little, round, red cap held in place by an elastic band under his chin. He wears white cotton gloves and leans on a stout, gold-headed cane.

His lungs are full of reeds so that his breathing makes constant music, sounding like an incessant harmonica. (The Road to Oz)

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