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A-B-Sea Serpent
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The Scarecrow crosses a river with the help of the A-B-Sea Serpent.

Species Sea Serpents
Residence Mer City
Occupation Teacher of Children
Affiliation Aquareine (presumably)
First Appearance The Royal Book of Oz

The A-B-Sea Serpent is a large snake, almost two hundred feet long, made up of a series of alphabet blocks. The Serpent lives in Mer City, where it teaches the Mer children their letters. His companion is the Rattlesnake, a snake made of hundreds of rattles, who keeps the Mer babies amused when the Mermaids are out shopping.

The A-B-Sea Serpent's head is a square block, with a snake's face and a long tape measure tongue. The Serpent has a large family, including five great-grandmothers, twenty-one grand-nieces, seven brothers, and six sisters-in-law.

The Scarecrow and the A-B-Sea Serpent

Once a year, the A-B-Sea Serpent and the Rattlesnake take a vacation. The pair surfaced in the Munchkin River, and met the Scarecrow, who was on a journey through the Munchkin Country. They made friends with the Scarecrow, who found them charming and unusual. He invited them to visit the Emerald City, where they met Ozma, Betsy Bobbin, the Patchwork Girl, and the Tin Woodman. (The Royal Book of Oz).